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重要事項:Heart Disease
Cynthia Radene Long 發佈在2014年1月10日 11:41

Some of you know that I have heart disease. In May 2012, just two weeks after my 43rd birthday. After my doctors performed a few tests on my heart, they found out that I had mitral valve regurgitation (heart leakage at the mitral valve). I also had an artery in my heart had an 80% blockage.

Just over a year later (May 16, 2013), I underwent a Mitral Valve Replacement and single vessel Coronary Artery Bypass Graft. Since my open-heart surgery May 16, 2013, I feel much better. I still have CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) which will never go away. I will take heart medication for the rest of my life.

Heart disease runs in both maternal and paternal family. My maternal grandfather died at a young age after suffering a heart attack. My father had a seven vessel bypass graft in @2007. Do you know your families health history? I did not know that I had it until my MI (heart attack) on May 5, 2012.

Anyway, I feel better these days since having my surgery.

家庭往事:Cindy Has Narcolepsy
Cynthia Radene Long 發佈在2011年3月13日 15:10

Doesn't this look familiar? This is called a sleep attack, and it"s the number one symptom of narcolepsy. Research has shown that a narcoleptic lacks a neurotransmitter called hypocretin or orexin in the brain. Hypocretin or orexin is the natural chemical in the brain responsible for maintaince of the the sleep/wake cycle and appetite.

It has not been determined if narcolepsy is a genetic disorder, but it is known to run in families. It has also been speculated that it may also be a disorder of the immune system.

Does anyone know of any other family members with narcolepsy, either diagnosed or suspected? I heard a story from my dad that it's possible that his father, Charles Thomas Long, may have had narcolepsy, as he was known to fall asleep at the kitchen table while eating or playing cards. Does anyone have anymore information about him?

I would love to hear any stories.

Cindy Trotchie

媒體:Taylor Swift "Back To December" Video
Cynthia Radene Long 發佈在2011年3月13日 00:27

This aired on The David Letterman Show about one month ago!

訃告:Death of William Lillard
Cynthia Radene Long 發佈在2011年3月9日 14:19

William Lillard died at his home on the Blackleaf on the 3rd of November 1914, at 9 o'clock.

Mr. Lillard was taken sick with pneumonia in the early part of October, and in spite of the efforts of his family, friends, and physicians he grew steadily worse, finally passing away peacefully on the above date.

He was buried in the family burial grounds on the old home, beside six of his children.

Rev. Ringer of Bynum, performed the last sad rites. The pall bearers were Herbert Halladay, of Choteau, J.C. Taylor, Ed Stansbery, Ora Knowlton, and Roy McNeil, of Blackleaf.

Mr. Lillard was born in Merfersboro, Tennessee, on January 31st, 1840. His father Beryman (Benjamin) Lillard, being a farmer who removed from his native state of Virginia to Tennessee at an early date. His mother, Evelena Landon, was also a native of Virginia.

Mr. Lillard was an intelligent and well-educated man, well versed in legal matters and public affairs, broadminded and progressive ...

家庭往事:Do You Suffer From Narcolepsy?
Cynthia Radene Long 發佈在2011年3月6日 20:08

Research shows that Narcolepsy may run in families. I'm wondering if others in my family suffer from this disorder? If you do, and you'd be willing to share your story, please post.

I have suffered from narcolepsy with cataplexy since I was 8 years old. It's a funny disorder that really isn't funny at all. I was diagnosed over 10 years ago, and I struggle with the symptoms such as excessive daytime sleepiness, automatic behavior, memory problems, lack of concentration and focus, sleep paralysis, and cataplexy to name a few. I take medications daily to control my symptoms, but currently, there is no cure.

The cartoon below gives you an example of my typical day:

族譜:Making Contact With Living Relatives
Cynthia Radene Long 發佈在2011年3月4日 23:05

I've been in touch with my 4th cousin, Loran Ralph Braught!!! I finally got a reply from him the end of January on We've been in touch through email, and he say's he has lots of information that he would be willing to share. So, I'll keep you posted as I get new information. I'm very excited at getting this opportunity....Cool

Cindy Trotchie