My name is Ingrid Frank and I started this site.
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My name is Jany Ingrid Frank née Münch. The Family Tree and Family History on this website are about the ancestry of my son Andrew Marc (Mordechai Aharon ben Zvi Dov) Frank. On his mother's side the tree is very large and goes back many centuries; it is therefore called 'Stamboom Munch' (stamboom means family tree in Dutch). It includes the names Munch, Mac Gillavry, Mackintosh, Soesman, de Vicq de Cumptich, van Heek, van Kuyk, Lammers van Toorenburg, von Winckelman, Kuehr and many more. On his father's side much less is known--about 7 generations' worth. Included are the names Frank, Hillels, Holtz, Garry, Kofsky, Schoener, Kellerman. The starting points of the Family Tree are my parents. The GIVEN NAMES of their generation are in CAPITALS and the GIVEN NAMES of all their DIRECT ANCESTORS are also in CAPITALS. This makes it easy for their direct descendants to trace their lineage on the Family Tree and in the family listings. Of course everybody else on the family tree is related to them by blood and/or marriage as well. TO GET TO THE FAMILY TREE, CLICK ON 'Family Tree' IN THE TOOLBAR ABOVE on this Home page or on the FAMILY TREE PICTURE in the middle of this Home page.  A person's 'Profile page', which has all biographical information, can be accessed directly by clicking on the PROFILE box in the information panel on the left. If you are a site member and your name is in the Family Tree: on the Family Tree page, click HOME and your card should appear as the home or root person. To get to the FRANKSIDE OF THE FAMILY TREE, find my card (first child of my parents JOHAN Munch and JEANNE ERNESTINE van Kuyk), then click on my husband (Harold Frank) and up or down from there.

 TO ACCESS THE PICTURE ALBUMS, CLICK on the PHOTO ALBUM PICTURE in the middle of this Home page or put pointer on FAMILY TREE in the MyHeritage toolbar at the top of this Home page, then click on 'My photos'.  On the left of the 'Photos' page is a listing of all the virtual albums. Use the scroller to the right of this list to get to the album you want. The family albums on my son's PATERNAL side have the word FRANKSIDE in front of the title. To view a picture FULL-SIZE, click on the 'View full size' icon in the picture toolbar. About half of the albums are private and accessible to site members only.

BIOGRAPHY ON PROFILE--INFO PAGE:  If on the Family Tree somebody's name is between asterisks (like so: *HUYBERTUS Horst*), it means the person has more information in her or his PROFILE in the BIOGRAPHY section of the INFO page, sometimes brief, sometimes voluminous, sometimes a juicy tidbit, but always interesting. It is directly accessible on the Family Tree by clicking the PROFILE box in the person's INFORMATION panel on the left, then scrolling down to the Biography section of the INFO page. If you want to browse all the biographical notes at once, click on 'My photos' in the FAMILY TREE DROP-DOWN MENU in the MyHeritage toolbar--all the folks between asterisks will appear first in alphabetical order. If a person is asterisked on a picture in one of the virtual albums, click on 'More info' then 'Profile Page' and scroll down to the Biography section of the INFO page. This looks very complicated, but actually is very simple once you have done it a few times. Your reward in many cases will be lessons in history, factual, legendary, mythical and fictional, some of it found nowhere else, pertaining to our family's ancestry.

FAMILY HISTORY: Our family history is called FAMILY MATTERS and is accessible on this website. To view and read FAMILY MATTERS, scroll to the bottom of this Home Page, to the News Articles section, and click on whatever Chapter you want there and on the next screen click on the PDF Document icon in the upper right-hand corner. Chapter Six-Holland and Chapter Seven-America are accessible to site members only.  Unfortunately, MyHeritage recently decided not to support this method any more, which I discovered when I tried to re-load Chapter One after making a correction.  So although all but Chapter One can still be viewed by this method, I have since uploaded all chapters as PDF files in a photo album.  CLICK on the PHOTO ALBUM PICTURE ('Go to family photos') in the middle of this Home page, then on ALBUMS,  then on the very first item:  A) FAMILY HISTORY, then click on the Chapter you want and give it a few seconds to load.


Finally, I have gone through considerable effort researching some Indo-Dutch families connected to ours by blood and/or marriage in order to illustrate the intricate and complex web of inter-marriage amongst them as well as their connections with the Asian population between the 17th and 20th centuries. Much of the genealogical information comes from descendants who are also myHeritage users; they have graciously allowed me to use the information and the accompanying pictures, giving us some idea of the lives and the looks of these people. Included are Families Burgemeestre, Fransz, Bik, Senn van Basel, Pietermaat, Ament, Boutmy, van Motman, von Wolzogen, von Franquemont, von Stralendorff, Nagel, Borel, Vitalis, van Riemsdijk/Helvetius, de Chauvigny de Blot, Dezentjé, Deighton.  Enjoy (I hope)!

If you are on this site as a guest and would like to become a member, request membership or send me your e-mail address. If you are family or a friend, you are in. If you are not, I'll consider it. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please contact me at


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Ingrid Frank 從Family Tree Builder發佈了一個Stamboom8 - 18042012家譜的新版本.
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Ingrid Frank 從Family Tree Builder發佈了一個Stamboom8 - 18042012家譜的新版本.
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Ingrid Frank 從Family Tree Builder發佈了一個Stamboom8 - 18042012家譜的新版本.
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE HERE. Go to Photos--click Albums--click A) FAMILY HISTORY--FAMILY MATTERS Chapter One--PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS (first item). All the other Chapters can be viewed there as well.

家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Chapter Two THE ANCESTORS
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Mac Gillavry; De Vicq de Cumptich; Soesman et al.; What's in a Name? Ancient Ancestors

家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Chapter Two ADDENDUM 1
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Chapter Two ADDENDUM 1

Mac Gillavry Lore


家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Chapter Two ADDENDUM 2
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Chapter Two ADDENDUM 2

Claudine and her Baron

Sephardic Roots

家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Chapter Three LIFE IN THE INDIES
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Djati Roenggo and Other Places; Memoir of Elsa Hemsing-te Kolsté

Postscripts: 1. Who is John Douglas?; 2. 'Tongtong' by Ru Fanoy; 3. Elsa's Family; 4. Thonny the Cigarette Man; 5. The Four Branches of the Indo-Dutch Family Mac Gillavry; 6. William Mac Gillavry the Phantom Forefather; 7. Why 'HENDRIK'? Why Zwolle?

家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Chapter Four THE GENE POOL LOTTERY
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Lammers van Toorenburg; von Winckelmann/ Samlant; Kühr; Verstift; Münch; DNA Test Results

More Lammers van Toorenburg

Indofication (or: How Euros became Indos)

家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Chapter Five THE WAR
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Chapter Five: THE WAR

World War II in the East Indies; Life in the Camps

家庭往事:FAMILY MATTERS: Our Family History-Frankside Stories
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Schoener; Garry; Hillels; Frank

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